Thursday, May 21, 2015

your buttocks gleam as a kid screams

gossamer gleams as weapons scream
sherry, sherry baby
can you come out tonight?
twist and turn with me
twist and turn with me
come out tonight
and make love till the morning light
sherry baby
you buttocks gleam as a kid screams

Monday, May 4, 2015

sorry not sorry

“Feeling guilty or not feeling guilty—I think that’s the whole issue. Life is a struggle of all against all. It’s a known fact. But how does that struggle work in a society that’s more or less civilized? People can’t just attack each other on sight. So instead they try to cast the shame of culpability on each other. The person who manages to make the other one guilty will win. The one who confesses his crime will lose. You’re walking along the street, lost in thought. Along comes a girl, walking straight ahead, as if she were the only person in the world, looking neither left nor right. You jostle each other. And there it is, the moment of truth: Who’s going to bawl out the other person, and who’s going to apologize? It’s a classic situation: actually, each of them is both the jostled and the jostler. And yet some people always—immediately, spontaneously—consider themselves the jostlers, and thus in the wrong. And others always—immediately, spontaneously—consider themselves the jostled, and therefore in the right, quick to accuse the other and get him punished. What about you—in that situation, would you apologize or accuse?”
“Me, I’d certainly apologize.”
“Ah, my poor friend, so you, too, belong to the army of apologizers. You expect to mollify the other person with your apologies.”
“And you’re wrong. The person who apologizes is declaring himself guilty. And if you declare yourself guilty you encourage the other to go on insulting you, blaming you, publicly, unto death. Such are the inevitable consequences of the first apology.”
“That’s true. One should not apologize. And yet I prefer a world where everyone would apologize, with no exception, pointlessly, excessively, for nothing at all, where they’d load themselves down with apologies.”
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right thing to say

"let me know if you need anything" is the right thing to say.
what do you say to a person you barely know but hit off well when a unforeseen and tragic scenario happens to him/her?

just a thought.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

the importance of being ugly

the wittiest, funniest, most interesting chaps are also always, without fail, the ugliest.
ugliness has its place in this world, and it's contribution is perhaps manifold, and kind that moves and improves things. look at all the successful and rich. it's not hard to reconcile with that fact, is it...
god is truly fair.

Monday, April 27, 2015

life transactions

random thought about the value of friendships/relationships.
and perhaps the one word that i think sums it up is 'transactional'.
not quite the word you were looking for aye? not quite the word i wanted to use too. but when you really think about it, all these -ships are transactional. mental transactions, emotional transactions, physical transactions, and may I be blasphemous enough to say—spiritual transactions. of course, that's probably the rarest and perhaps highest order of transaction we want to deal with and receive. perhaps through a lover, or soulmate, or beautiful stranger you meet once.

well, what led me think of this is how I find myself more passive in certain -ships and more active in others. it's because the transactional value in some are lower than others. the gives and takes don't add up. if there's a faint emotional transaction, minimal mental transaction and non-existent physical transaction, then what is the glue that holds? nothing much. so what do you do? break it off, of course. because really, why did you even out yourself in that spot in the first place?

and as instinctive and second nature as this might be to some people, it sure isn't the case for me.
so, now that i've pinned it down to key transactional types, it easy to see the scales. and it's not about being calculative, it's about really surrounding yourself with people who allow you to be better versions of yourself, seek farther pastures and feel connected to. so on that note, I shall discard dormant -ships, ships that are going nowhere or headed in different directions. discard them for good, even if it means shaking up the seas just a little, or encountering pirates in future.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


decluttering people might be the best kind of detox you need.
vacuous, bitchy, bimbotic, attention-seeking things, be gone.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Contingent Love Affairs


"Sartre proposed a “pact”: they could have affairs, but they were required to tell each other everything. As he put it to Beauvoir: “What we have is an essential love; but it is a good idea for us also to experience contingent love affairs.”"

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