Monday, November 30, 2015

all hail the in

love and being in love.
i've finally reasoned with myself the feelings i had for you.
it was love, but not love in-the-moment.
the adverb "in" is everything.
in and in and in.
moments within moments is what being in love is, i guess.

calibrating the love

tuning the fork of the mind
controlling the gears of the heart
counting the breaths before the next time you exchange moist air through your mouths
poking of tongues
electricity via skin
haptic vision
no vision
frozen time
frozen memory
forever fossilised in that in crystal ball of bliss and transcendence

Thursday, November 26, 2015

all sorts of passive

you do know that if you cease to talk to me, I will cease to talk to you right.
you know you know you know right?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

one pun a year

love & affliction

"you're only allowed to use one pun a year," he said.
"there's only one month left this year." I said.

oh no, i digress.
that was what my CD said to me. nothing love, nothing affliction.
but in a perfect world, the sensibilities would be parallel.

on another note: "the narcissism of small differences".

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Know enough to know

him: but you barely know me.
me: but I know enough to know.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

new world order

"vernacular". BUZZZZ.

(this is a long time coming but still going very strong) self-sustanence, making things, DIY—which will come in extremely handy never know when you might be the only person on planet Mars.

"real", imperfections. "real interactions". "we don't talk anymore."
oh really? like we used to be confidantes or something? oh puhlease.

no one's gonna fault you for chasing your flower-arranging, or farming dream anymore. no one. no one will dare say a thing. and if they do, they are sad, stoic, unromantic, conservative individuals.

the network effect.

the BIG DATA analyst.
now, isn't that just research/knowledge-gathering? just that now that we have the tools to do so, we realise just HOW MUCH data there is.

new jobs. odd jobs. new-odd jobs. makes for great conversation starters.

you are an empowered individual in this world of endless opportunities and tools at your disposal. a new age of democracy has dawned upon you. if jack (jack from jack and jill or jack ma. doesn't matter) can do it, so can you.

the sharing economy. because sharing is caring. (since like maybe 1289??)

YOGA x1000000000000

Globetrotter, jetsetter, jettrotter, globesetter, backpacker, hipsetters, hipsters, hip hip hooray.

The Influencer.


Wes Anderson. Haruki Murakami. Alt art. Alt culture. Alt is the new Main.
everyone is suddenly awakened, hyper-sensitive, enlightened, open, mindful beings who love, give, share, care and stand for something. not being cynical but these general ideas and sentiments have been thrown around so much and breathed in so quickly that one can't help but wonder—really? Now? You only realise this now? You only just turned to paleo or veganism or gluten-free foods now? you only just realised your undying passion for craft and making jewellery and baking?

you only just realised that...YOLO?????? and decide you are going to India to #eatpraybirth?