Wednesday, January 21, 2015

squirm & summer

gets all squirmish reading past entries.
just looking for invincible summers

heart beats in mysterious ways

typing with wet, varnished nails makes your heart beat in mysterious ways
occasionally glancing at them and seeing the dirtied edges, where the paint has spilled over incites grief in other mysterious ways
textured varnish is the worst invention ever. yikes.
but varnish or no varnish, anxiety ensues
be still o beating heart

Monday, January 5, 2015

Many Million Metres Above The Sordid Ground

Have always been all for distantiation, displacement, the conscientious removal of the self from the eye of the storm, or chaos, or even just the noise. Being at certain vantage points allow for that, and space – vertical travel, vertical perspective, looking from afar, looking at earth and the ground and the tiny people and the veins of meandering roads and tunnels and grid-like fields have that effect. It's always at these high altitudes, the best and most common example being a plane ride, that one encounters revelations, small or big, inward or outward. Up there, you can at once reconcile with a kind of futility and a kind of grandiosity. It is at such great heights that you reflect on your insignificance, but at the same time, experience an inflated sense of self that you're above it – above the other people, above the clouds, above the currents that move oceans, above the manmade, above the constructs of life that, simply, no matter how mundane or mighty, forlorn or powerful, don't mean a thing. Don't mean a god damn thing at all. It can extinguish in the blink of an eye, a drop of a rock, a rotation in reverse.
Then what? Now what?


the closest thing we can get to,
if not immortality, is a heart-to-heart -
the opening of valves for the rush and flow of blood - 
to the head, to the heart, to the finger tips, and the tender groins.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Prehistoric Luvin'

two heaps of violent flesh devouring each other,
love in prehistoric times is golden. 

(image from

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